Over the past few months a small team of villagers have been in consultation with Harrogate Borough Council and other bodies reviewing the “Resilience Plan” which defines how Green Hammerton would react in the case of an emergency happening within or close to the village boundaries.

The basic plan is being updated and will list all of the help within the village that is readily available along with the methods of proceeding in the event of the plan having to be implemented. There are several scenarios that the plan would cover which include a major road incident, evacuation of premises, wide scale power failure, wide scale water supply failure, heavy snow, flooding, major fire & severe wind damage.

Click HERE to view the plan

One critical issue that was raised was the “Methods of Communication” to be used during the duration of the emergency to keep villagers up to date on the current state of the emergency. To this end we would put out updates on the village website Home page and also put copies of this update on as many notice boards and public places as possible. The update would include the reason for the emergency, the actions being taken and also a contact phone number that would go through to a pre recorded message. An email would also be sent out to all who are registered to receive “news updates” from the village web site.

Members of the team have now been issued with some basic items of kit and clothing to ensure that we are partially ready for an event occurring.

If you can assist in any way i.e. supplying equipment etc or have specialist knowledge that may be useful to the team then please email with your details.

Current team members are Ian Bailes, Sam Blacker, Jayne Knights, Martin Leather, Mike Powley & Steve Ross.