The WIKirk & Green Hammerton WI meets every 2nd Tuesday.

We enjoy being part of the wider WI experience from making jam to major political statements and affecting public opinion.


Most meetings are held in Kirk Hammerton – but occasionally Green Hammerton Village Hall is used.

Membership is £41 per annum – with occasional guests being charged £4 each visit.

New members are very welcome – please contact Gill Blacker (details below) for more information.

We have speakers with a wide range of topics each month plus occasional outings and cultural experiences. To view our 2020 calendar of events follow the link below.


Contact Info

President Sue Bowe

Secretary Gill Blacker email

The North Yorkshire East Federation has its own website, which can be found here

More info about the WI in general can be found here

Kirk and Green Hammerton WI


At our January meeting Sam Blacker and Steve Ross gave a very interesting & informative talk with slides about their journey on the Lady Annes Way walk.

This is a 100 mile walk from Skipton to Perith following the route Lady Anne Clifford took when visiting her various castles etc. A very entertaining evening.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 11th February at Kirk Hammerton village hall starting at 7.30pm. It is a Cookery demonstration by Wholemeal Café. Cooking using food that would have gone to landfill. This is an open meeting so all visitors welcome £4.

On the 10th March our Speaker will be Janet Dixon and will be an Otago class with balance and vitality. The meeting will be held at Kirk Hammerton village hall.

Regards Susan Bowe

WI President


Some pictures of us having fun

Our Poem

If you’ve time, come cast an eye

over Kirk & Green Hammerton WI

There’s visits. trips & days out galore

Competitions, anniversaries and events by the score

So take a trip with us on days rainy & sunny

to events and attractions both serious & funny

If you’re not a member then do come along

and please don’t be put off by our song

Jerusalem’s our tradition, we sing it each time

some good, some ‘not so’ – it turns out just fine

Not just Jam & Jerusalem as some folk would think

Nor women with no clothes on, hid by a sink

But interesting talks and hands on too

and the hand of friendship – held out to you.