Green Hammerton Parish Council

Our position alongside Other Councils

What we can do and how you can contact us

North Yorkshire County Council

The County Council budget is £377 million.

Main duties and Responsibilities

Education   Transport       Highways           Planning               Fire and Public Safety         Libraries     Waste Management                 Social Care           Trading Standards

County Councillor   John Savage


Harrogate District Council

The District Council budget is £21 million.

Main duties and Responsibilities

Rubbish Collection   Recycling   Council Tax collection   Housing     Planning Applications

District Councillor Christine Lewis


Green Hammerton Parish Council

The Parish Council budget is £8,500. It covers the Clerks pay, grass cutting and small grants for local initiatives. Parish Councillors are voluntary.

Parish Clerk Paul Whelan

Legal duties and responsibilities

Have an Annual Parish Meeting and at least three other meetings a year to which the public are invited.

Provide agenda and minutes of meetings with an invitation to the public to attend if they wish. The notice board is on the corner of Harrogate Road and York Road.

What we do and are doing.

How the Village should look. A village consultation is about to be carried out regarding grass cutting plans for the future. NYCC are stopping amenity grass cutting from April 2015 and each village will be responsible for its own plans.

Pot Holes   The Clerk is in regular contact with the Highways department so that they are aware of our concern. The pot holes at the A59 end of York Road have been filled but those at the Boroughbridge Road end of the village have not.

Dropped Kerbs   We have asked NYCC for advice on the best way to resolve areas of the village where dropped kerbs are still required. We are also concerned that people park on the kerb thus blocking the footpath for wheelchair users or people pushing buggies.

Post Office and Shop   The Chairman and Clerk are in contact with the owner about the future of the facility. We intend to keep the village informed and will call a public meeting if this becomes necessary.

World War I Commemoration   This will take place over the weekend 7th – 9th November. Three events are planned – archive film show on Friday at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall, Reminiscences and Rememberance on Saturday, 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall and a Rememberance Service in the Church at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday morning. These details are correct at the moment but will be confirmed as soon as possible.

30 MPH speed limit on Harrogate Road

The speed limit does not come into effect until the first houses on Harrogate Road. With the development of the Village Hall the GHRC, and ourselves, believe that the speed restriction should be applied immediately traffic turns into Harrogate Road. So far our representations have been unsuccessful. We are now considering alternative ways of informing drivers of the need to drive slowly and safely on this stretch of road.

Regular duties

Collect a precept as part of the Community Charge to spend for the benefit of residents.

Continue to support developing Helenfield as a nature reserve with the help of volunteers.

Provide a welcome pack for new residents to the village.

Develop a website which provide useful information.

Maintain footpaths, ditches and ponds.

Support local organisations with appropriate grants.

Raise issues with the District, County Council and Police Authority on matters relevant to the village but not under the responsibility of the Parish Council – roads, housing etc.

Comment on Planning Issues.

Have regard to the protection of biodiversity in carrying out our functions

Listen to residents and consider carefully the points they wish to make.

What has been done

Provide bus shelters in the centre of the village

Provide seats for the use of the public.

Provide litter bins.

Provide grit bins.

Items initiated at recent Parish Council meetings

A group of volunteers have been working with Parish Councillor Alistair Taylor in developing Helen Field.

Placing a sign at the Harrogate / Boroughbridge road junction to indicate clearly that they are now in the village and need to drive carefully.

Contacting local landowners (unsuccessfully so far) to find out if any suitable land is available for allotments.

Drawing the attention of residents, the County Council and District Council to concerns regarding road maintenance, village speed limits, parking, unsafe footpaths etc.

Commenting on the plans for the addition of 65 houses in the village and other village planning applications.

Listening to, and acting on, ideas put forward by residents, (example supporting the elderly).

Encouraging dog owners to be responsible regarding dog fouling.

Trialling areas to develop biodiversity.

Setting up a team of villagers who are willing to pick up litter around the village.

Supporting Steve Ross in creating and maintaining a village website.

Considering how we can help older residents to be safe and well cared for.

What we will do

Listen to your views, opinions and ideas and report them to the Parish Council, regardless of whether our personal views coincide with yours.

Make decisions in the best interests of the village, even if this means voting against our personal views.

Pass on your concerns to the relevant Council or Councillor if we cannot help you.

Ask all residents for ideas as to how we can improve the Village within the restrictions of our responsibilities and consider how best to support ideas that are the responsibility of others.

Possible ideas for development

Develop a ‘Who can help’ list of phone numbers and addresses for you to use in appropriate situations.

Keep you informed of issues which have been raised with appropriate bodies and progress we are making to resolve them.