Green Hammerton Parish Council

Minutes of Green Hammerton Annual Parish Meeting

held on Wednesday 28th April  2021 at 7.00pm via Zoom



Present:-         Cllrs Bailes (Chairman),Veitch, Lange, Zillessen, Forman, S Reid (Clerk)


The meeting commenced at 19.05 hours


2021/APM01   Introduction from the Chairman and a reminder of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of this meeting.


2021/APM02   To receive the Chairman’s Report.

                        See appendix 1.


2021/APM03   Public Session

                        As the meeting was not attended by any members of the public there was no session to be held.




The meeting ended at 19.20 hours



Dear Residents


This last year has been like no other. What a year we have been through, but hopefully we can see light at the end of the tunnel. In the past year we have welcomed many new residents to the village. Over the last few years, the village has grown from 280 houses to over 400 and is still growing.


As chairman of the Parish Council, it is my duty to bring you up to date on our work over the past year. Normally this would take place at an Annual Open Meeting in the Village Hall, but due to current constraints this was replaced by a Zoom meeting which was held on the 28th April. All residents had the opportunity of logging into this.


The year started off in very difficult circumstances without a fully functioning Parish Council, but fortunately I was joined by John Lange from The Green, Karen Walsh from Kirk Hammerton Road, Jonny Zillessen from Meadowvale and Jim Veitch and Nik Forman from Churchfields to form a new Parish Council. We are ably assisted by our Parish Clerk, Sue Reid, who keeps us on track. The make-up of the council gives us a broad representation of old and new residents, and areas.


Although the Parish Council has only been together for eight months and is still feeling its feet in many ways, it has been involved in a lot of activities.


There has been a huge step forward with the proposed cycleway through engagement with other Parish Councils that have undertaken such a task, and the appointment of a consultant to assess and update the requirements of the project.


During the recent inclement weather, the Parish Council leapt into action and refilled the near-empty road salt grit bins and are now working with North Yorkshire Highways to assess the future requirements of the village.


BT are removing telephone boxes from villages around North Yorkshire due to the increased use of mobile phones which is making them redundant and not cost effective. The Parish Council has rescued the Green Hammerton box by purchasing it and we will be asking residents for their ideas on the future use of the box.


We obtained a small number of bluebell bulbs from Harrogate Borough Council and these were planted in the plinth area and at the entrance to Kirk Hammerton Road.


From an environmental aspect the Parish Council has continued to support Green Hammerton Recreational Charity by funding grass cutting of the field. We have also continued to cut the grass in the Parish Church’s graveyard, the plinth area and numerous other verges in the village.


The Parish Council followed up on a concern from a resident that Redrow were not fulfilling their landscaping planning requirements of replanting the hedge on the edge of the Churchfields development on Harrogate Road. The new hedge is now in place. We are also initiating the process of getting the 30mph sign moved on Harrogate Road. We have had to apply for a Traffic Order to enable it to progress.


Litter and fly tipping is a national problem and we managed to get some fly tipping removed by Harrogate Borough Council on Red Lane near Helenfield.  We would also like to thank all the community minded residents who have taken the trouble to clear litter during their walks, it certainly makes a difference.


The Parish Council has been working closely with the “Keep The Hammertons Green” group in the consultations with Harrogate Borough Council. We see ourselves as representing all Green Hammerton residents, and although we cannot change the decision of Harrogate Borough Council with regard to the new development, we can make Green Hammerton’s residents voices heard on the exact location and the shape of the new development. Equally, we made Green Hammerton’s feelings known on the Loxley Homes site at the York Road end of the village which we feel will have a detrimental impact on the entrance to the village from York.


In order to improve communications between our residents and the Parish Council, we have set up a Parish Council Facebook page where you can find the minutes of our meetings and anything else our Clerk believes is of importance to our community. We are also making improvements to our website to comply with legislative requirements and to make it more intuitive to use.


The Parish Council has a large amount of work to do to review and produce a number of policies and procedures, such as risk assessments, Emergency Action Plans etc. to enable us to comply with our legal requirements. This is a bit of a distraction as you the residents do not always see the immediate benefit.


The Parish Council are in the process of reviewing the Helenfield risk assessment and management plan and some funding will be required in this area to keep it open for our use.


It has been a difficult year and we would like to thank all those who have helped to keep our community together. We would like to mention a few:


  • Green Hammerton Recreational Charity for maintaining the children’s playground and installing sanitisers. The charity not only supports Green Hammerton, but also the surrounding villages. 
  • The residents who organised the Halloween trail, Christmas trail and advent windows.
  • The churches for providing the much-needed spiritual guidance during these difficult times.
  • All those involved in maintaining the Community Hub on Facebook.
  • We hate to single out any resident but a special mention must go to Roger Mattock for his weekly Quiz and fabulous nature photos. 
  • The Post Office for all their assistance. 
  • The Shack, The Bay Horse and The Village Club for their community spirit.
  • The doctors for assisting with our defibrillators. 
  • Paul Kirkwood for his excellent work on the Village View.


We are sure to have missed someone out which we apologise for, but everyone is involved in building a community, so we thank you all.


Going forward, we want to be a proactive rather reactive council and are working tirelessly in exploring lots of other areas to maintain and improve the quality and safety of Green Hammerton’s village life. We will be consulting with residents on our plans in due course.


We hope that later in the year we will have an opportunity to hold an Open Meeting where we can receive reports from the active groups in the village and meet you face to face. In the meantime, if you have any concerns you can contact the Parish Council through our Clerk, (07966 475733 / via Facebook or completing the contact form on the Parish Council website. 



Ian Bailes



Green Hammerton Parish Council