A weekly Fish and Chip Delivery Service has been put in place for Kirk Hammerton and Green Hammerton from Barton’s Fish and Chip Shop at Boroughbridge. Thursday was the first night and has proved very popular. You telephone Bartons before 2.30pm on the Thursday to order and pay for your delivery. The Fish and Chips are dropped at the front of the Bay Horse Pub from 6.15pm and delivered by Bartons at social distancing. This is totally separate from the Bay Horse we are just the drop off point. Bartons phone number is 01904790312.

Tina has been running a Charity Stall on a Saturday and Sunday at the front of the Bay Horse for 3 weeks and so far has raised over £154 for Sense. This is to support her Bay Horse colleague Sheila Bray, who is 66 years of age and was due to run the London Marathon this weekend. This Sunday Sheila and Tina will be walking around the village in their “Sense” T Shirts to raise awareness of the Charity from 11am to 12.30pm and the usual Charity Stall and Donation box will be at the front of the pub. Please observe social distancing.


Our Bay horse Facebook page has all the details and the just giving link to donate online. We are also encouraging people to take part in the 2.6 challenge, send us your photos to bayhorsegreenhammerton@btinternet.com for our Facebook page and make a donation if you are able to do so.


The Bay Horse has been running a weekly colouring competition since “Lockdown” for children in the village and the pictures are up in the windows of the pub. This weeks competition, running up to 30th April are pictures of the front of the pub.


For those new to the village there are now 2 local Facebook groups which are quite useful; Kirk Hammerton and Surroundinuth Hunt Areas and The Green Hammerton Community Hub , which was set up by Louse Walsh on Bernard Lane.


Ruth Hunt on Meadow Vale is raising funds for The Air ambulance and has a Charity stall selling books and Dvds on Meadow Vale Daily.


Tina and Jon Clarke
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