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Please find our latest Campaign update and at the bottom of this post is our Action Group submission to the recent consultation.

Action Group update

On Friday 20 September 2019, the Action Group delivered by email and by hand, its formal response to the Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) consultation on the “Main Modifications” of the Local Plan and the changes to the “Sustainability Appraisal” of the possible sites for the 3000 house new town.

As well as the action group submission, we also delivered 892 response forms from local residents, and we know there will be many more response forms sent in directly to HBC by post and email. It is an impressive display by the public and it must be seen by the Council, and hopefully by the inspector, that there is an overwhelming rejection of what HBC wants to impose on our villages.

If you want to view The Action Group’s response, it is on our website – click the ‘Reports’ tab. You can also view all of our previous submissions here as well.

It is not entirely clear what the process will be from now on However, we expect HBC will produce a summary of all the responses and send that, and the submissions, to the inspector for his assessment. The inspector will review this material and produce a report, possibly within two months.

It is our hope that the inspector finds our response valid and compelling and that it will encourage him to require the removal the new settlement from the plan. Or, if there must be a new settlement, that he will agree that Green Hammerton/Cattal is not the right location and recommend that HBC should select the Flaxby site. If, however, he remains undecided then we hope he listens to our call to extend the public hearings and allow us the opportunity to properly challenge the housing numbers and selection process so that we can finally convince him that there is no need for this new settlement.

We have also had further discussions with our MP Nigel Adams and he has advised us that he has sent a letter to the inspector, broadly supporting our position by outlining his concerns about the process and noting that HBC has not properly recognised the strength of public feeling.

We would like to thank everyone who competed a consultation response form and everyone who sent the action group their views on the consultation documents – many of the points were included in our submission Finally, a huge thank you to all those who helped produce, print, distribute and collect all the villagers’ responses. It was a magnificent effort and it is really appreciated. If you require any further information then please contact the group via

Many thanks for your support

Keep the Hammertons Green Action Group