Dear Friends

As I am sure you are aware, we are fighting the threat of over-development on two fronts. The first front is against Harrogate Borough Council and their District Local Plan – proposing a new settlement in the Green Hammerton/ Cattal Broad Location. The second front is against opportunistic developers and this is where we need your help today.

When Harrogate targeted our Villages for potential growth, this opened the flood gates for developers to take advantage of the planning system, picking off one field at a time and getting planning permission for new homes. Since 2014 – Green Hammerton has 248 new homes, an increase of 85%. Two of these sites haven’t even started to be built, so there really isn’t a need for any more in this plan period and if it continues then we will become a new settlement by stealth.

So we need your help – There is a new application 19/01033/OUTMAJ for outline planning for residential development comprising 63 dwellings on field known as GH9 in the HBC Local Plan

Merrington Estates, have submitted this planning application on the field which lies on the junction of the A59 and Boroughbridge Road (B6265).

Although Harrogate have removed this development from the Local Plan, this is a developer’s application which Harrogate Planners have to consider via the normal planning process. To make sure this application does not slip through the planning system and get approved (a new settlement by stealth) we must raise as many objections as possible.

Green notices have now been posted to alert the village to the application, triggering the statutory 21 days consultation period The consultation on the website say the deadline for responses is the 15th April, so time to respond is very tight.

Objections can be made online as before or in writing.

If you have previously submitted an online consultation response you will be registered with HBC’s planning portal and can submit a comment in the usual way. Please refer to the instructions near the bottom of this email.

Alternatively, you can submit a written response by post. Again, a letter written in your own words carries more weight and you can use our template letter as a guide. You can also simply submit the attached template letter and remember every member of the household can submit their own letter. Please do not forget to print your name and address, then sign and date the letter.

Written responses can be sent directly to:

Case Officer – Linda Drake,

Harrogate Borough Council,

Planning & Development

P.O. BOX 787,



We have arranged a central collection box at: –

• Post Office in Green Hammerton,

• Landlaff Cottage c/o Les & Janice in Kirk Hammerton,

• OR, at the Whixley Village Shop.

You can leave you signed letter there to be hand delivered to the Planning Officer by a member of the Action Group.

Using Harrogate’s Online Portal

The details of the application can be viewed on Harrogate’s Planning Portal

Clicking Public Access and then Click – Login and use you email address and password.

Once Logged in then search for the application using reference number: – 19/01033/OUTMAJ

Then, click the ‘make a comment’ tab and follow the instructions

Remember, the portal times-out after a short period (10mins) so rather than typing your comments ‘LIVE’ and risk losing them, it is advisable to type your comments in word first and copy them across once you have logged in.

If you require further information about the campaign or would like a word version of the template letter then please do not hesitate to reply to this email or contact the team by emailing

Thank you for you continued support. We are making a difference

Keep The Hammertons Green Action Group

Click HERE for the word format objection letter

Click HERE for the PDF format objection lette