YOUR OBJECTIONS ARE NEEDED With just two weeks to the Public Examination of the Draft Local Plan, Loxley Homes have submitted a re-application to build five new houses on Back Lane, a site not included in the Local Plan. These are the same developers who last July were given outline permission to build 80 houses at Green Hills.

Whilst the proposed numbers are small, this is a sensitive part of the village at the edge of the conservation area where development should be resisted, and if granted could lead to further building in the fields bordering Matthew and Yule Lanes.

This application was first made in 2017 and firmly rejected by Harrogate Borough Council planners who said:

The proposed development of 5 houses is out of character with the form of the village extending beyond the current and emerging plans development limit. The proposal would result in an adverse effect on an important boundary identified with the Conservation area appraisal conflicting therefore with Core Strategy Polices SG3, SG4 and EQ2 together saved policies HD3, HD20 and the Green Hammerton Conservation Area Appraisal.

The proposed development would use best agricultural land contrary to paragraph112 of the NPPF. It would also fail to provide an enhancement to the character of the village form and historic environment contrary to paragraph 7 of the NPPF and EQ2 of the Core Strategy Policy together with the Councils Conservation Area Appraisal 2009

The works required to be carried out to the highway to make the site safe for vehicle users coming to and from the site is  excessive and would result in harm to the visual amenity of the area. Moreover, some of the highway improvement works required are on land outside of the applicant’s control. The access to the site is substandard and the intensification of the use of the site is potentially dangerous and contrary to National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 32 and Core Strategy Policy SG4.”

Loxley homes have now resubmitted this application, which appears largely unchanged from that previously proposed.

The closing date for objections is 24th January 2019, and any comments made to the previous 2017 application will not be considered. This means that if you objected to this application, you must visit the HBC Planning Portal and re-submit your comments – The reference you will need is Land Comprising Field At 446122 456997 Back Lane Green Hammerton North Yorkshire  PROPOSAL Erection of 5 new dwellings.

If you are registered with HBC from previous objections, as many of you are, it will not take long for you to register a new objection to this application, if you agree is should be rejected again.

The reasons why planners refused this application before are clear and still valid. Clearly Loxley Homes are not prepared to listen and this is a cynical attempt to press through a development which is totally inappropriate. Please make your voice heard!

Thank you.

The Keep Green Hammerton Green Team