The developers who own the land at Flaxby Park have applied for planning permission to build 2750 houses plus school, health facilities, retail, restaurant and leisure units, a rail stop, etc., on the disused former golf course at Flaxby – this will hopefully mean that the present plans to build on prime agricultural land, with the desecration of our small communities, will be avoided.

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If you agree to the houses being sited at Flaxby Park – rather than the green field sites between Whixley, Kirk Hammerton and Green Hammerton that the planners are currently favouring, despite our poor traffic links, no infrastructure and no local jobs – please write to support this application; the closing date is 26th December 2017 and you can support it on-line or via the post.

You can support it on various grounds such as:

* As a former golf course, the land is a non-green field site, so there’s no loss of valuable farming land 

* There will be good public transport links including a rail stop

* The recently built multi-million pound roundabout nearby will filter traffic and minimise disruption

* The new business park being built nearby means 3000 jobs within walking/cycling distance will be available for new residents

* This site avoids damaging ancient villages and existing small communities that other applications being considered would do

* It has planned infrastructure to make it sustainable as well as existing utilities such as electric and gas

* Revenue created by new residents will be invested in the Harrogate Borough area – much needed in Knaresborough for instance.    Future residents of new houses sited on the East side of the A1 (such as the plans to build near Green Hammerton) would naturally gravitate to York for their shopping and leisure activities

* This site at Flaxby is in control of one developer with the means to make it happen so it is therefore more deliverable


The planning application is:  Ref. No: 17/05234/EIAMAJ 

This is the link:

Or write via the post, quoting this reference to the Council’s new address:

Harrogate Borough Council

Planning Department

Civic Centre

St Luke’s Mount