Dear Supporter,
Thank you for supporting the Stop The Beet Factory Campaign – opposing the proposed giant Sugar Beet Processing Plant near Allerton Castle by Al Khaleej Sugar of Dubai.
You’re in good company – we have the full support of our two local Members of Parliament – Andrew Jones, MP and Nigel Adams, MP as well as most of your friends and neighbours.
If you’ve had time to visit website, you’ll already know the reasons why people are so angry about this proposal. This is possibly the most damaging and most visible, but just one of a number of planning issues bombarding our community. Andrew Jones, MP summarised his reasons why it should be rejected in a video clip on the website, but here’s a reminder – you may have plenty more reasons of your own:

  • The industrial scale of the plant is enormous and will tower above anything else we have ever known in the Yorkshire landscape – FOUR huge silos, each one EIGHTY metres high [10m taller than incinerator chimney] and each one SIXTY metres wide [the incinerator chimney is 5.7m wide]. Check out the website to see how it will soar above our tallest Yorkshire monuments. It will be ugly and unavoidably visible in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. 
  • Unprecedented increase in traffic – 1700 noisy, dirty, heavy trucks in and out of the plant making 3400 vehicle movements every day, 24 hours a day carrying full loads of sugar beet both across local road networks and coming off the A1(M) from September through to early Spring – the darkest, dirtiest, mistiest months of the year. Blocking up roads and polluting the air with diesel fumes.
  • The smell will be inescapable over much of the Vale of York – the sickly smell of stacked sugar beet and the worse smell of it being processed.

The planning application will be decided by the Harrogate Planning Committee, made up of 16 local councillors. At proposal stage at the moment with the formal planning application expected before the end of the year (it may land just before or over the Christmas break) and there’s a lot you can do now to help get ready to fight the application.

  • If you have hardly any time, please write to ALL the Councillors on the Planning Committee. CLICK HEREfor their names and email addresses, although a posted letter can bear more weight. You can copy your local councillor in on your correspondence.
  • If you have a little more time, please write to ALL Harrogate Councillors– not just the Planning Committee. CLICK HERE for names and email addresses, although again, a posted letter can bear more weight. Your own local councillor will be listed – make sure you address them directly with your views.
  • Write to your MP– CLICK HERE to find them using your postcode – for Selby and Ainsty, it is Nigel Adams for Harrogate and District it is Andrew Jones
  • Write to your County Councillor

You should write to all these people even if you know they already support your views as letters of opposition are counted. They need a pile of letters to show they are acting on their constituents’ behalf!  We recommend you include your address. 

  • Sign the petition at You may have already signed the petition on our original campaign site (38Degrees) or on paper, but please go to our new dedicated website. The email address you leave will only be used for the purposes of this campaign and will be destroyed when the campaign is over.
  • Donate to the campaign or organise your own local fundraiser. You can donate by cheque, by BACS or Just Giving – please go to more details. We are well on our way to raising the £15,000 we think we will need, but the money does need to keep coming in! 
  • Volunteer to help – we need to recruit more helpers to spread the word far and wide to make sure everyone in the area knows about and is able to add their opposition to the proposed beet factory.
  • Follow us and make your views known on social media – FacebookInstagram Pinterest Twitter 
  • Report any existing environmental issuessuch as falling water pressure or smells from the incinerator. If the sugar beet factory is built these issues will get far worse. Please report the incident date, time, wind direction and strength of smell (1 to 6 where 6 is strong) to or call the Incident Hotline on 0800 807060. You will be given an incident number. The local office is on 03708 506506, but you need the incident number first. We recommend you email to provide an audit trail. If we remind the authorities that people live here and this is totally unacceptable, we can persuade them at this factory must not be built. 
  • You can also send reports of environmental problems to Harrogate Borough Council, Crescent Gardens, Harrogate HG1 2SG. Email: 500600 ask for Environmental Protection, and don’t forget to copy us in so a record can be kept.

Thank you for your support so far.

If enough of us carry out these actions then we have a chance of stopping this further invasion of our beautiful countryside.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Gill
Chairman, Stop The Beet Factory Campaign