Ethelburga’s signs up to cycleway

It looks like all the legal issues have been cleared for the cycle track from Green Hammerton to Thorpe Underwood. The Trust that runs Queen Ethelburga’s has signed the formal legal agreement with Little Ouseburn Parish Council so the Hammerton Greenway can cross their land from the bridge over Score Ray Beck to Moss Hill Lane. The Trust has generously agreed to put £5,000 towards the creation of the track and has undertaken to mow verges and trim hedges along their section of it.

The funding position’s positive – around £45,000 looks like it’s in the pipeline, which is a good proportion of the £60,000 needed to build the cycleway. Developers wanting to build in the village have to pay a sum towards community benefits, and Harrogate Borough Council has earmarked £9,472 for the cycleway from the Linden Homes proposal and over £30,000 from the Redrow proposal. An outline bid for money from Harrogate Transport Planning’s sustainable transport fund has had a positive reply: ‘This is the sort of project we were envisaging that the fund could contribute to and it sits well with our priorities’.

We’ve also been advised to apply to the Morrison Foundation, which puts money towards projects that benefit local communities. Morrison’s being our local supermarket and a major Yorkshire-based business, it would be appropriate if they were able to offer us some funding.

Now that all the landowners and tenants along the route have agreed to the cycleway, North Yorks County Council is drawing up a legal agreement with Green Hammerton Parish Council and our Recreational Charity, GHRC. The GHRC have agreed to take on responsibility for making the track happen, because they are in the best position to bid for and administer the substantial amounts of money involved.

Brian Halling, the Chairman of GHRC, said: ‘The Hammerton Greenway will be a great addition to recreation in the village. It’s not only for cyclists – runners, walkers, families with pushchairs and wheelchair users will all enjoy it. It will have a good surface, much better than the muddy pools we have to walk through at the moment, and it runs along one of the most attractive routes from the village. Because it links into the National Cycle Network, it will also bring cyclists through the village, which will be great for the Bay Horse, the shop and the social club.’