HBC Local Plan Consultation day – Tuesday 29 November 2016, 2pm to 7pm at Green Hammerton Village Hall

New Settlement Options


In order to meet the need for new homes in the most sustainable locations the majority of new housing and employment growth is proposed in the district’s main settlements. However, there are insufficient suitable and available sites in the main settlements or in other settlements included in the settlement hierarchy to meet this need in full. Therefore, a new settlement is being proposed which will help to meet the need within the plan period and beyond.  For the purposes of this consultation the council is identifying two options for a potential new settlement These are:

  • land at Flaxby, adjacent to the A59/A1(M): The site currently consists of a golf course and is located on the corner of the A59 and A1. York Road which runs through the village of Flaxby dissects the northern part of the site. Small areas of woodland and water associated with the golf course are scattered throughout the site. A substantial area of woodland extends into the site on the southern boundary which is located across the A59. A bund separating the site from the A1 runs along the eastern boundary of the site. Views of Allerton Park Registered Park and Garden can be seen from the site. 
  • land in the Hammerton area, Green Hammerton/Kirk Hammerton/Cattal: A large site that includes land between the adjacent villages of Kirk Hammerton and Green Hammerton. It lies to the north of the railway line and either side of the A59 which runs east/west through the centre of the site. From the east the land rises to a high point west of Kirk Hammerton Lane. The site contains many fields which have hedgerow boundaries and trees. There is structure planting along the A59 and some trees along the railway line. Within the site are a number of residential properties and farms as well as a large nursery.

This is our chance to see and comment on the proposals!