Below is an email that I recently recieved from a villager.

Hi Steve,

This is John Lange from The Green.

I want to alert villagers to an opportunistic thief, an event which we caught on CCTV and have reported to NY Police. We have an excellent still image of his face!

Last Tuesday, at 10am we had a parcel delivered. It was left in our porch as we were out.  At 11.30am, a well built,  but short, man in a blue padded jacket with a blue Adidas bag came through the gate and left about two minutes later with his Adidas bag bulging, presumably containing our parcel!

The man looks similar to one we saw walking up the green a few weeks ago, and it reminds us of an earlier email regarding the ‘reformed prisoners selling door to door’ scam.

We would like to alert other villagers!