The draft plan will ‘go live’ online for public consultation between the 11 November and 23 December 2016.

Much of the information that was previewed is available online from the Development Committee’s last meeting. The contents of this were approved at the meeting and I am told only minor amendments are expected.

The Local Plan will look to deliver a minimum of 11,697 homes over the plan period running 2014-2035. Since the start of the plan period in 2014, 685 dwellings have been completed in the district. There is a requirement to identify 11,012 dwellings in the reminder. The SHELAA has identified sites for 30,484 potentially suitable dwellings.

New development will be located in settlements that are as close as possible to key public transport corridor. The preferred development hierarchy runs from main settlement- primary service village- secondary service village- smaller villages. Smaller villages are considered suitable to support small scale windfall sites. The draft plans for each of these is contained within the attached link.

Sites outside smaller villages are not included in the draft local plan. However, there is still an opportunity to make representations for these sites from the 11th November, even where they have been assessed as not suitable in the SHELAA.

There has been mention of a possible Harrogate ‘link road’, with 5 potential routes identified. I was informed this morning traffic patterns are being monitored and early indications show there is not a requirement for a new road. However, this is ongoing and we are expected to hear more towards the end of 2016.