Harrogate Borough Council is expanding the range of materials it collects as part of its kerbside recycling scheme to further reduce the amount of waste it takes to landfill. New materials are being collected in addition to the glass and plastic bottles, tins, aluminum foil, paper and card that are already collected.

Additional items collected in your black box:

clear and white plastic food trays/pots eg yogurt cartons

light coloured plastic food trays/pots, eg yellow margarine tubs

food and drink cartons eg tetra paks

Additional material collected in your blue bag:

brown cardboard

We do not collect the following:

x black, plastic food trays

x green, brown, or any other dark coloured food trays

x plastic plant pots

x pizza boxes and cardboard stained with food

Before you put these new materials into your recycling box or blue bag, please:

  • remove any plastic wrapping or bubble wrap from cardboard boxes
  • cut up the cardboard so that it fits into the blue recycling bag
  • wash and squash plastic pots and food and drink cartons, and put any lids back on cartons, so that they take up as little space as possible in the recycling box.

To find out about the full range of materials that can be picked up by the roadside collection service, please visit www.harrogate.gov.uk/residentialrecyclingcollections

Corporate Customer Service Team
Harrogate Borough Council