W.O.O.S  (West of Ouse Oil Syndicate) – Green Hammerton.

As of the 1st September 20115 WOOS will not be operating as a stand alone syndicate but will contract with Tate Oil to become ‘preferred customers’.

All current members have been informed and only 2 (in GH) have decided not to join.  It is a very preferential scheme and we will continue to get our oil at a very competitive rate.   Terry Pearson, as Chairman, will audit the arrangement on an ongoing basis to check prices charged etc. and anyone wanting to join will still do that via the village co-ordinator.

If any new residents in the village are interested in joining this scheme (by joining, there is no commitment to ordering your oil from Tate Oil, you can still order with whichever company you choose but you are unlikely to get such a preferential price!) please contact janebannan@btinternet.com.