Fraudulant DVLA web site

Below is a brief report about a fraudulent website that was reported yesterday.

The reportee recently received a notification from DVLA (or so he thought) to renew his driving license after 10 years. The reportee followed their on-line instructions and put the website address into the Yahoo Search Engine. This gave them a choice and picked ‘renewal of driving licence’. From there they completed a very detailed form including a lot of personal information, including bank details, and ended with a summary of it all and a ‘submit’ button which would have been pressed had it not been for the charges of £84 for the new license, which was felt were extremely high! After checking the DVLA form, found that the charge should be just £14.

Suspicions aroused, the reportee then phoned the DVLA who immediately declared it to be a fraudulent website, saying that as fast as they are closing them down, they are re-appearing!
Clearly this is a dangerous threat to our communities and they need to be warned about it.
DVLA said they would do something about it, but they also suggested contacting Trading Standards and Action Fraud, which has been done.

The fraudulent website was:

It is advised by DVLA to always go through to get to genuine government sites.