An original comedy written  by Kate Bramley with music by Jez Lowe.  Directed by Paul Smith and Kate Bramley.

It’s 1818, and Edna and Wilbur are having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. That’s because they are two particularly hungry village mice, who find themselves on an extraordinary winter journey.Seduced by newspaper cutting that reads ‘Switzerland: Land of Cheese’ they set sail for that mystical place where the streets are paved with cheese, where the rivers run brimful of chocolate and the mountains themselves are made of “Toblerone”.

Sheltering in a village church on Christmas Eve, the hungry mice eat through the church organ bellows by mistake, leaving the kindly young priest without a note of music for Midnight Mass. Edna and Wilbur have to hurry to make amends, and in doing so inspire the writing of a brand new Christmas carol.

A delightfully upbeat Christmas story based on the classic story surrounding the writing of the modern carol Silent Night. A Christmas comedy for adults to enjoy, even if they don’t have children to bring. And for children to enjoy too! (For age 5 and upwards.)kindly supported by funds from National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Kirk Hammerton Village Hall 7.30pm    YO26 6DL

All Adults £9.50 /Under 16s £5/ £25 Familys (up to 2+3)

01423 339168