On Wednesday 24 September 2pm at County Hall the full council of NYCC will debate whether to give final approval to the Allerton Park incinerator scheme. This will be the last chance to have your say whether you are against or for the scheme.

I have been asked by Susan Goss-Clements to send out the following message which is from the North Yorkshire Waste Action Group.

“D-Day for Green Hammerton villagers – another ‘No’ vote is needed – this affects us all.

We are now counting down to D-Day for the Allerton Park incinerator on Wednesday 24 September at 2pm.

The full council of NYCC will debate whether to give final approval to the scheme.  We need you to join us at County Hall from 1pm – would you please help us and attend?  If you need a lift, it can be arranged; it will only be a couple of hours of your time but WILL make a difference.

NYWAG and the Parish Councils Group will again be arguing the case against AWRP at the meeting. We know some councilors also oppose AWRP, including Conservatives, and we hope to persuade more to join them. We are telephoning councilors in the coming days to present the case against, as well as speaking at the meeting. We have asked our MP’s, both of whom oppose the scheme, as well as some prominent local figures to attend and speak.

We would like to see as many supporters as possible attending the full council meeting both to back those councilors who oppose AWRP, and to show the strength of feeling to councilors who have not yet made up their minds.

I understand that 1pm on a Wednesday is not ideal for many people, but this is last ditch stuff and we think it is important that as many people as possible attend. I do hope you will able to make it.

Call Susan Goss-Clements on 01423 339714 if you need a lift – PLEASE TRY AND BE THERE – IT’S VERY IMPORTANT AND DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  If anyone wishes to make calls or send e-mails to councilors to help lobby against this, before that date, please get in touch with Susan.”

In the interests of fairness and balance if anyone is for or against the scheme and would like me to publish their views or comments please drop me an email at spross32@aol.com.