I received the 2 emails below whilst I was away on my little walk. Hopefully everything should be sorted by the end of September.

Hi Steve,

My sincere apologies it has taken me so long to get back to you in relation to the Superfast North Yorkshire programme. I have been off ill for a while, but back and picking up the latest information to be able to update for you. We have experienced a delay in getting the additional cabinets [cabs 2 & 3 -Whixley & Kirk Hammerton] served from the Green Hammerton exchange live, and that includes the final Exchange Only lines [new cab -cab 8] . Its these lines that serve the majority of Green Hammerton itself.

Just a reminder of the cabinets currently live- are cabs 1, 4 and 7 -these serve the areas of Kirk Hammerton, Little and Great Ouseburn.
The latest update is that the issues causing the delays, such as power supply
and wayleaves, have all now been resolved and  work has started on these
We are aiming to have all the cabinets, including the new EO cab , ready by the
end of the summer, September time. I will be in touch as soon as I know any firmer

Kind regards


Hi Steve

I have just been informed that cabinet 3 is now live and is accepting customer orders. Its the one that serves some of Whixley and Kirk Hammerton. I am on holiday until the end of August [from tomorrow]. As soon as I know the other two cabinets are live, I will drop you an email.

Kind Regards