Parish Councillors

There are currently 2 vacancies for parish councillors.

For information on the role of Parish Councillors please follow this link to ‘The Good Councillors’ Guide’


Ian Bailes

Chair - Parish Council
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I have lived in the village for 34 years with my wife Moira and our two children who attended the school in the 1980`s when there were only 30 children in attendance.
We have both been active in village activities over the years.

Currently the chairman, I have been a member of the P.C. for over 20 years.
I have been  Treasurer of the GHRC (previously GH Playing Fields Committee) for 20 years and have seen much development in the village including the new Village Hall.

I recently retired after being a Director of a Building Company.

01423 330477

Ivan Andrew

Parish Councillor
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I spent twenty five years working in schools as a secondary school teacher, deputy head and headteacher before becoming an Education Officer in Buckinghamshire.  For my final seven years of work I was a self employed educational consultant and, dare I say it, Ofsted Inspector.

We moved to Green Hammerton in 1997.  Whilst living here I have been Chairman of the School Governing Body, Chairman of the Reading Room Committee on the Board of GHRC, founder member and organiser of the Coffee Morning / Book Exchange, a member of the Church Fabric Committee and closely involved with the last Village Weekend and two Open Garden events.

Earlier this year a vacancy became available on the Parish Council and, because I had given up other aspects of being directly involved in village life, I applied for the vacancy.

Dee Copley

Parish Councillor
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Hello, I’m Dee Copley. I moved to the village this time last year from Whixley, with my Husband, lovely 4 yr old son and at that time, brand new baby. Now a year on, I’m one of your new Parish Councillors. Thank you very much to those of you who supported me with your vote.
As a mother, a nurse and parent of a child at the local school, my prime interests centre around family and community. As such I will be working hard to ensure Green Hammerton remains a happy, healthy, safe and welcoming place for all of us to call home. The emerging Local Plan brings challenges and changes to our horizon but I feel very encouraged by the community spirit and level of engagement that is evident in the village.  Please feel free to stop me with any feedback if you see me out and about (but if I’m jogging I may not be able to give a very thorough answer. I’m quite new to it!) My contact details will soon be on the website and I look forward to hearing from you and representing you as your new Parish Councillor.

Sean Harland

John Lambert